Tears of Themis Redemption Codes: Get Them Now!


In celebration of the new Tears of Themis “Secrets of the Tomb” event, redemption codes have been released by miHoyo for players to claim!


Players can participate in the “Secrets of the Tomb” event to obtain items such as Tears of Themis – Limited, S-Chips, Stellin, and many more by exploring the mysterious ruins of Khaimit with Luke, Artem, Vyn, and Marius.


Claim the redemption codes using this link!



Rewards: Stellin x10k and Friendship Badge x500

Valid until: May 20, 2022 (04:00 UTC+9)



Rewards: Stellin ×10k and Oracle of Justice III ×10

Valid until: May 20, 2022 (04:00 UTC+9)



Rewards: Stellin ×10k and S-Chip ×30

Valid until: May 20, 2022 (04:00 UTC+9)



Rewards: Tears of Themis – Limited ×1 and Energy Drink Basic Pack ×1

Valid until: May 20, 2022 (04:00 UTC+9)


Another great news, Personal Story Episode 3 will be released soon on May 6! Personal Stories will follow more of the heroine’s journey with the 4 main love interests in Tears of Themis.



Players can look forward to a more intimate story with the 4 main love interests as their relationship with them progresses throughout the story.


A new SSR-Card for Artem Wing was also announced on the Tears of Themis Twitter account that is available for players to get in the Time-Limited Total Purchases Event players will have to reach a total of in-game purchases to obtain the SSR-Card.



The Artem SSR-Card features scenes including Artem protecting the heroine from shards of flying glass along with Artem comforting the crying Heroine in the aftermath.

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