Tears of Themis: New “Sweet Afternoon Tea” Event & More!

The new event is here for the otome game Tears of Themis by miHoyo!


The “Sweet Afternoon Tea” Event is now available to play for a limited period from April 6, 2022, until April 16, 2022 (UTC+9).


“Sweet Afternoon Tea” Event


During the event, players are invited to an afternoon tea party with four of their main love interests. Players can obtain rewards such as Sweet Candy decorations, an exclusive and limited “Tea Time Badge”, S-Chips, Home Deco Vouchers, and more!


To participate in this event, players must unscramble and solve the picture puzzle to create pictures of desserts. Once the puzzle is solved, players can obtain the rewards.


Source: miHoyo


The number of attempts at playing the puzzle is refreshed every day at 04:00 (UTC+9). Players will always gain 1 try every day and can store up to 3 tries.


“Garden Home Day” Event

A new lounge theme for players to get is available from 30 March 2022 until 13 April 2022 (UTC+9)! The new lounge and furniture feature an outdoor garden theme with simple elegant wooden furniture.


Players can complete daily tasks and weekly tasks to obtain “Late Spring Garden” lounge furniture blueprints, ‘Exquisite Lumber’, S-Chips, and Stellin, and a limited “Spring Steps Badge”.


New Redeem Codes

Good news for players, miHoyo postes new redeemable codes on the official Tears of Themis Twitter account! Here are the codes that are all valid until April 7 23:59 (UTC +9).

  • ZB7BH8S4F2HP (Stellin x10000, Electrifying Dice x5)
  • FB7TY9S5XKJB (Stellin x10000, Loaded Dice x2)
  • ES6TY9A4XJ2X (S-Chip x100)

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