Tears of Themis: “Code of Flowers” Event – Guide


Tears of Themis recently just introduced a new event in the game, titled the “Code of Flowers” Event this June 22.


With the description “A secret conversation amongst flowers; a sweet moment shared together.”, you can participate in the event to obtain event-exclusive items including MR cards, “Celebration – Secret Conversation” name card, and S-Chips, Stellin, and more!


Event Period: June 22, 11:00 – July 2, 04:00 (UTC+9)


Event Gameplay

The gameplay for this event is pretty straightforward and simple; you have to flip 100 cells (at random) to obtain the event-limited “Code of Flowers” MR cards along with the event-limited “Celebration – Secret Conversation” name card.


In-game screenshot from Tears of Themis


To flip the cells or tiles, it costs x100 “Fragrant Sweets” to flip 1 cell and x500 “Fragrant Sweets” to flip 5 cells. You can obtain the event-limited item, “Fragrant Sweets” by completing event tasks that are similar to your daily and weekly tasks.


In-game screenshot from Tears of Themis


You can also get more rewards (level-up material, Stellin, and S-Chips) from flipping five cells in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.


However, you can still flip cells by using S-Chips if you don’t have enough “Fragrant Sweets” though it is more recommendable to grind “Fragrant Sweets” rather than using S-Chips, since “Fragrant Sweets” are easily obtainable through the Event tasks.


Obtainable “Code of Flowers” MR Cards:

If you didn’t know already, “MR” cards are also a card rarity in the game – aside from “SSR”, “SR”, and “R”. The difference is that MR Cards are obtainable through events and usually don’t require “Tears of Themis” to obtain the card through a Gacha Banner. MR Cards also have two unlockable Private Messages (Voice recordings)!

Here is the “Code of Flowers” MR Cards.


Source: @TearsofThemisEN Official Twitter

  • MR Luke – Entrusted Feelings
  • MR Artem – Unwilling to Part
  • MR Vyn – Focused Gaze
  • MR Marius – Palpitations



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