Team Fortress 2’s Annual Halloween Modes Are Back This October

It’s October 1st, and you’ll notice that some games are ahead on celebrating the month of Halloween. One of them being Team Fortress 2, and it’s a surprise to see that there are new maps for players to explore, along with the usual return of maps from previous Scream Fortresses.

In case you aren’t aware, Scream Fortress is an exclusive period for TF2 where players can queue Halloween exclusive maps and show off spooky cosmetics that are only available throughout October. While some of them are simple redecos of existing maps, there are surprises laid out through the maps, with the addition of various gameplay aspects, including pumpkin (trap) bombs, treat bags that briefly grant players great damage buffs, and more. Beyond the reskins, there are special modes included in maps such as Farmageddon, where players must submit their kills to the center of the map (kills are presented as objects that other players can steal as well), Ghostfort, a twist on the ‘king of the hill’ gamemode with random spells that affect everyone, a boss battle against Merasmus, the game’s Halloween mascot, and Gorge event, where giant skeletons can spawn and attack both teams. Casting spells are also a feature in Scream Fortress, with helpful buffs such as brief invincibility or invisibility, summoning bats that carry your opponents away, or a giant rocket-firing eyeball that once belonged to one of the characters.


p class=”MsoNormal”>There are also ‘Merasmissions’, missions exclusive to Scream Fortress that grants ingame rewards. A celebrated time for everyone and the Team Fortress community, a new 2022 case for Halloween cosmetics is also expected to follow (assuming this isn’t just an automated update). If you’re tired of more serious FPS games, consider trying these unfair, chaotic, frustratingly engaging and hilarious modes of TF2.


(Images sourced from Team Fortress 2’s official page)

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