Tales Of The Abyss Anime Streaming Now For Free

Bandai Namco has decided to stream the 26 episodes of Tales of the Abyss online for free.

The video game publisher announced that it will upload all of the anime’s episodes to their official YouTube channel. They say it’s to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the franchise’s official channel.

The first episode is already up, and the rest will come out weekly. That means the second episode will come out in January 2022. Luckily, the anime has its original Japanese language track with English subtitles.

For those that don’t know, Tales of the Abyss was  JRPG on PlayStation 2. It wasn’t the first game in the series, but it’s constantly on everyone’s top five Tales games. Even though it gets criticized for its slow pacing and cliches, it was great combat and characters. The game was a huge success, even when it got ported to Nintendo 3DS, selling over 700,000 copies.

The anime adaptation dropped in 2008 with Sunrise behind it, the same studio that did Mobile Suit Gundam and Cowboy Bebop, Sunrise Inc. Kenji Kodama, the man behind City Hunter and Case Closed – the Detective Conan series – also directed the show. Tales of the Abyss also isn’t the first to get an anime adaptation. It joins Symphonia, Vesperia, and others in having a show.

The newest Tales game, Tales of Luminaria, is also getting an adaptation in January 2022. From the little that I played, it feels like it gets its inspiration from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but I need to play more to see if it still feels that way.

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