Taiwan Wants to Be Independent, China Does Not Remain Silent and Will Take a Serious Step.

Taiwan Wants to Be Independent, China Does Not Remain Silent and Will Take a Serious Step.
The Chinese government will take decisive action if you know Taiwan’s efforts to make themselves.

If separatist troops in Taiwan are seeking independence provokes, mobilizing strength or even breaking through the red line, we have to take drastic action, “said Spokesman for the Chinese Taiwan Affairs Office Ma Xiaoguang at a press conference on Wednesday (29/12), quoted by the Laman The Straits Times.

MA revealed China was willing to try its best to achieve peaceful reunification with Taiwan. But Beijing did not hesitate to act if there was a “red line” independence was violated. He said provocation of pro-independence groups and foreign intervention could increase sharply and more intensely in the coming months.

“Next year, the situation of the Taiwan Strait will become more complex and severe,” he said.

Taiwan became one of the main issues discussed by President of the United States (US) Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping last November 16.

On that occasion, Biden stressed that Washington supports Taiwan Act. Taiwan Act is a law (Law) that stipulates that the US will support Taiwan’s self-defense. The way is to provide arms sales or military equipment and prevent any efforts by China to force Taiwan.

In contrast to Biden’s statement, China actually mentioned that the US president was against Taiwan’s independence. According to China, on the occasion XI also emphasized that anyone who “played fire” around Taiwan would definitely burn themselves. The Taiwan Foreign Ministry then accused Beijing of intentionally misinterpreting Biden’s statement.

Taiwan has repeatedly stated that it is an independent country with the name of the Republic of China. Taiwan always mentions that China never governs it and has no right to speak in his name. But on the contrary, China claims Taiwan as a part that is not separated from the territorial. That made the relationship between the two parties being tensile.

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