Taeyeon Tops Charts Around The World With “INVU”

The famous legendary soloist from South Korea, Taeyeon again spoils the ears of fans who miss her soft voice through a dreamy ballad album “INVU”. Following its release, the album soared to the top of both domestic and international music charts. “INVU” placed No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums charts in 21 regions.

Appearing like a beautiful goddess while carrying arrows and bows. Taeyeon tells the story of a girl who feels jealous because she can’t have her crush even though she has tried everything she can until she finally tries to destroy this desire by shooting her to pieces. The Greek element was so thick from the beginning of the music video, from the outfit to the setting, it seemed to remind us of the mythological story of the goddess Artemis.

Similar but not the same, the ballad Can’t Control Myself also depicts the outpouring of Taeyeon’s heart to meet her lover because she can no longer contain her bubbling feelings. This message is beautifully described through the presentation of a darker and mellow version of the music video. It didn’t end there, Taeyeon resumed her sad love story through Siren. Even though it’s not a featured song like the previous two ballads; in this song Taeyeon really shows her honest emotional work. Siren tells the story of the pain caused by the behavior of the lover; which is analogous to how the lover throws Taeyeon into the deep sea so that she can hear the sound of the siren singing.

Taeyeon finally released the solo album “INVU” on February 14, after 2 years and 3 months. So, what do you think of her new songs?

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