T-Bones Restaurant


This is a joint you may want to check out if you are in Toronto, particularly the Scarborough area. The name of this fantastic restaurant: T-Bones Steakhouse


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My experience takes me back to when I was eighteen years old, and I have never looked at any other venue ever since.


T-bones is a place where families of all ages and people all over the city of Toronto come to visit. It is a Scarborough landmark and is well-known in its community by many families and people in general.


T-Bones - 2540 Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1K 2R5, Canada
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 It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and man do they give you a bang for your buck.


This inexpensive joint, especially compared to other steakhouses, provides a thorough selection pertaining to beef and pork. Also, with burgers and a vegetarian selection where you cannot go wrong to begin with.


I recently visited the restaurant and spoke with the owner. It was brief and I did not get to ask journaling questions, but he gave me enough information that would be good enough to last me a lifetime.


James, the restaurant’s owner, had spoken with me about the restaurant.


“This venue has been here since the late nineties to date, the staff is hand-picked by him to ensure great customer service and a friendly experience, as well as his passion in the food industry taking him back 40 years,” James said.


James had treated me to a dinner one night without question and I will be ever so grateful for that experience he gave me.


T-Bones is a wonderful place to take the kids or a loved one and is full of delicious selections that you will enjoy.


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