Sweet Indonesian Traditional Treats to Snack on!


Indonesian snacks are worth trying as Indonesian cuisine including desserts is full and rich in flavor with bright and beautiful colors from exotic spices and unique fruits.


Unlike your typical sweet dessert, some Indonesian desserts are both sweet and savory as Indonesian cuisine is diverse and delicious. Here are some Indonesian desserts you should try!


1. Martabak

Martabak is similar to pancakes, although the batter is typically thicker and spongier. Still, it could be thin and crepe-like as well. There are two types of martabak, which are sweet and savory including a variety of fillings such as chocolate, cheese, strawberry, and meat.



2. Klepon

Almost like mochis, klepon is made out of sweet rice cakes that are shaped into balls and filled with palm sugar filling, which are then coated in grated coconut. These glutinous rice balls are usually green and can be eaten with santan (thick coconut milk).



3. Pisang Goreng

Pisang Goreng, also known as fried banana fritters is made by deep-frying bananas that are coated in a flour batter. This delicious snack can be eaten plain or with grated cheese and even chili.



4. Onde-Onde

Onde-onde is a pastry snack made out of frying or boiling glutinous rice flour balls that are covered with sesame seeds. The most common filling is green bean paste but can also be filled with other fillings like chocolate, cheese, and sweet potato.



5. Kue Cubit

A common street-food snack, it’s essentially small cakes made out of flour, baking powder, sugar, and milk batter that are poured into a steel plate with round-shaped molds, which are then sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles.

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