Super Junior Performs Live Again in Japan Special Event 2022


Super Junior is back performing again after two years, and they’re performing again in Japan.


Their Japan special event tour is titled “SUPER JUNIOR Japan Special Event 2022 ~ Return of the KING ~”  and will last for 3 days in Saitama Super Arena, Japan.


Here are the dates for the Japan special event:


  • April 2, 2022 (Saturday)

The venue opens at 15:30  and will start at 17:00


  • April 3, 2022 (Sunday)

The venue opens at 14:30 and will start at 16:00


  • April 4, 2022 (Monday) SAITAMA SUPER ARENA

The venue opens at 15:30 and will start at 17:00


The special event won’t only feature a live performance but a fun talk as well. Unfortunately, taking pictures and videos during the concert is prohibited, and no online Livestream or viewing will be available for fans who are unable to attend.


Fans are excited as Super Junior will be performing live together again in front of fans, and the setlist for the concert has already been revealed in a tweet posted by a fan.


There were only 8 Super Junior members who were present in the concert, as Shindong was unable to perform due to him contracting COVID-19.


Although Shindong was present in the announcement of the Japan Special Event that was posted on March 7, he, unfortunately, tested positive for COVID-19 on March 26.


Following COVID-19 preventative measures, fans are not allowed to scream, shout, or sing along during the concert and are only allowed to clap and wave Super Junior’s official lightstick.


Although no fancams will be available for fans to watch on Twitter, Super Junior still posted pictures during day 1 of the Japan Special Event for fans to enjoy!


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