Super Junior Kyuhyun Solo Comeback in January 2022

Super Junior Kyuhyun will come back as a solo in January 2022.


Kyuhyun is the youngest member of Super Junior. He debuted in 2006, one year after Super Junior had debuted. His addition to Super Junior abolished the rotational concept for Super Junior’s members, and Super Junior became a group with fixed members. Kyuhyun is one of the three main vocalists in the group. 

Kyuhyun is the first member of Super Junior to debut as a solo. He debuted in November 2014 with a debut album titled At Gwanghwamun. The title track, which has the same title as the album, received an all-kill in nine Korean digital charts in twelve hours of its release.

On December 7th, Label SJ, Super Junior’s management, shared that Kyuhyun will release an album in January 2022. Label SJ added that they haven’t set the exact date for the album’s release. The new album will conclude Kyuhyun’s four-season project. 

PROJECT: 季 (PROJECT: Season) is a series project where Kyuhyun releases a single for every season in a year. Kyuhyun first started the project on July 23rd 2020, with the single Dreaming to represent summer. 

In 2021, Kyuhyun started a new series of PROJECT: 季. The first single, Moving On, released on January 26th, 2021, represents winter. On April 13th, Kyuhyun released Coffee as the second single representing spring. For summer, Kyuhyun released the single Together on July 5th. Kyuhyun will conclude the 2021 PROJECT: 季 with his new album in January 2022.

While waiting for the next update regarding his new album, you can watch the music video of Together from PROJECT : 季 here.

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