Summer Wardrobe Essentials FOR EVERY WOMAN 


Summer is upon us! Yayyy!. How excited are you?. Too caught up in work that you ain’t even noticed??.. Well “aren’t I a such a darling? for taking it upon my humble self to remind you”????. I am! right??. Of course, I am, Thank you very much????.


Okay!. Now that we’ve established the fact that it’s summer soon. How prepared are you?. Is your Wardrobe ready?, Yes? Good for you!. No?. Well not to worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a comprehensive list of wardrobe essentials you must have, especially if summer is your favorite season.


  • White dress: What indicates a nice summer walk than a free cotton dress, that syncs with the cool breeze. You can just see it vibing with the wind.
  • White Tee shirts: Year by year, this remains a never to be forgotten summer essential.
  • Tank tops: Get those abs tanned, and look chic while at it, with pretty little tank tops.
  • Denim shorts; are just perfect for showing off those long sexy legs.
  • Tailored shorts; will work just fine too.
  • Large tote bag: This is meant to be a carry all through the season.
  • Button down shirts
  • Polarized sunglasses: The importance of sunshades in summer cannot be overemphasized. You wouldn’t want to go for an outdoor activity in the hot sun without your eyes being protected. Safety first! Don’t forget this.
  • Easy slip-ons: Need me to say more about this one?. I don’t think so.
  • Walkable sandals: Make sure to get a pair that’s very fitted and comfortable. If you ask me, a classic two-strap would be just perfect.
  • Jeans: Boyfriend jeans preferably because of how free and comfy they are, but skinny jeans are okay too.
  • Silk camisoles
  • Denim jackets
  • White sneakers
  • Bucket hats
  • Swimsuits: Swimsuits are a must!. I mean can we talk of summer without the mention of swimsuits?. No way. Choose a couple that fits your taste, and you’re ready to have a nice swim or lounge on the beach.


Remember that these are just a few essentials that I believe are a must-have. The choice remains yours, to add more, or choose not to go with some of the clothing items. The idea is to get loosely fitted outfits that would be comfortable for the warm weather. The heat is already enough discomfort, you wouldn’t want to add to it.

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