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How to make the most of your summer holiday this year…


COVID has vanished from the sight of the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Talk of what, where, and when summer plans are starting to arrive. Let me guide you through the ten of my thoughts about how to make the most of your free time this year.


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1. If you’re vaccinated, be prepared to prove it. 

If you are vaccinated, you are likely to experience travel stress-free from the worries of politics around COVID. If you arent vaccinated, don’t worry. Simply check the government websites before traveling to view their terms and conditions for unvaccinated tourists.


2. Get Outside. 

Enclosed spaces can pose a threat to your health. Opt for the outdoors. Outdoors not only busts your mood, but it releases your endorphins.


Take time with your family and close ones to explore the outdoors. You never know what might be around that corner.


3. Avoid big crowds when you can. 

I know it sounds silly, but there can be many benefits from pre-booking tourist sights. Not only are you given the privilege of queue jumping, but it will reduce the risk of you catching something nasty.


4. Always apply sun cream. 

One of the most typical accidents with being outdoors is getting sunburnt! We’re usually great about applying before we step out in the sun, but we’ll confess that we occasionally get sluggish about stopping in the sun to reapply.


5. Unplug, disconnect and enjoy your time with family.

That’s right-for a rare couple of hours, ignore your phones or laptops and get lost in yourself and chatter with friends. You may find it surprisingly refreshing and re-energizing. Relax for a moment or two-or, as many as you can spare. Think about what deserves the most devotion in your life.


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