Summer Nail Trends To Try


We’re nearing June and summer is right around the corner! With holidays and weekend breaks coming up, is there a better time to experiment with your nails? Whether you get gels or acrylics or grow your natural nails, there’s a nail trend for you to try out.


Ombré Nails 


Ombré nails are a staple. With the right colours, they can look elegant and natural, or make a statement. Light pink and white ombre are classy and are similar to a french manicure. This makes them perfect for work and going with outfits. I also think blue ombré adds a fun pop of colour and still looks so pretty! Whilst they might not be as trendy as they used to be, I still think they’re timeless. Why not pick your favourite colour and ombré your nails?


Funky Swirls


Swirl patterned nails were a huge trend last summer, especially green swirls! There are so many different ways to incorporate swirl nail art, like a thick multi-coloured manicure with swirls. You could try individual swirls across the whole nail in pastel colours like baby blue and sage green. Whichever you try, swirl nails are beautiful and will stand out!


Floral Print


Flowers are perfect for spring and summer and look incredible, but are super easy to do. You can try them at home as well using a small nail art brush or even a cotton bud to create a small orange circle and then 5-6 petal shapes around the nail by dragging the circle out slightly. Flower nail art also looks really pretty with small diamonds glued onto the nail- even using a little diamond in the middle and painting the petals around it!


Cloud Print


Cloud print nails are some of my all-time favourites. Pick a peach or a light blue base with white clouds and sparkles painted on it for a dreamy, magical look. Cloud print nails look really pretty on one or two nails per hand with a light pink ombré nail on the rest. 

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