Summer And The Joy It Brings!

It is a well-known fact that there are four seasons: autumn, winter, spring, and summer, which we are currently in.

Summer 2022 began on the 21st of June and will end on September 22nd. It is the warmest season, with longer daylight hours and shorter nights compared to the other seasons. The sun rises early and sets late.

Most people consider summertime the best time of the year. Here are five reasons for this saying.

1. Plenty Sunshine.

The sun shines so brightly and the weather is so favorable. This is why you are most likely to see a rainbow in summer.

Great productivity. Living things(plants and animals) are more productive this season. There are green leaves and beautiful flowers like Begonia and Lobelia everywhere you look and it is the best time to plant healthy vegetables.

Also, animals are at the peak of their yearly activities in summer. They breed and reproduce more. Even children grow taller and faster during this period.


2. Holiday Time.

The summertime marks the time for a vacation. Students have a rest from school and many adults take a break from work. People take advantage of the beautiful weather to go on trips and visit new places.


3. Outdoor activities.

What better time is it to spend time outdoor than summer. You could engage in lots of fun sports and games during this period. Fishing, mountaineering, swimming, family picnics, and treasure hunts are but a few of the activities that can be enjoyed in the sunny summer season. An entire day at the beach is not a bad idea!


4. Dressing variety.

Summer comes with great fashion styles and dressing. There is no fear of cold hence people dress more freely. A nice time to rock that mini dress and sexy lingerie!

Summer is a time of jubilation, festivals, and happiness!.

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