Sudden Baking Cravings

There’s this feeling when you feel so overwhelmed with your surroundings that you don’t know how to function. You don’t know what to do because everything that you usually do doesn’t seem to distract or make you feel normal as instantly as it used to. Then suddenly, you have this craving that you can’t seem to shake off, it’s a food craving but not necessarily the eating part, it’s the baking/cooking process. Why? Personally, I feel complete just by baking. It’s different for some people, though. Let me tell you what baked goods that I recently craved to make. Don’t use a mixer to make it seem more of hard work.

1. Mini Doughnuts

It actually doesn’t have to be the regular round shape. You can make chubby stripes, and it will still leave you wanting more. The classic way to have it is when you shake some sugar on them, but you can have it in any way you like because it will still leave you wanting more.

2. Churros

It’s fried like doughnuts, but the texture and taste are noticeably different. The soft and fluffy inside catches you by surprise because of the crispiness on the outside layer. The best way to eat it is when they’re immediately done and covered with cinnamon sugar. Dips are optional and recommended (chocolate, peanut butter, even jam).

3. Scone

Baking this is relatively simple. Always be careful not to twist the circle cutter when molding out the pieces, so you have that perfect crack. That crack in the middle of the baked good is God’s message to break it into two and add clotted cream and jam. It is also best eaten fresh out of the oven. Scone is perfect for breakfast and afternoon tea.

4. Molten Chocolate Cake

If you don’t have ramekins to make this, use a short mug. The baking process is absolutely worth it. When you take a spoonful of the cake and watch the molten chocolate ooze out, it’s just pure joy.

5. Mille Crepe Cake

The stacking part is a bit tedious, but it’s that part exactly that will make you feel proud of yourself. The elaborate effort of making sure the crepe stack is neat and centered will be paid for when you slice a piece and see the neat layers on top of each other.

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