Subnautica Below Zero: Amazing Game in Neatly-Packed Package

If you wonder what creatures in the deep dark ocean are not on Earth, and you’re curious to test out your survival skills, you may want to play this game. There are a lot of games in the survival genre nowadays, but only a few games become favorites by some players. Well, my favorite is Subnautica Below Zero.

This game tells a story about Robin Ayou, a sharp xenobiologist that searching for his sister after Alterra, her sister’s company claims that she is dead. There are two modes of game mode, mission or freedom. In mission, you must maintain your hunger, health, sleep time, thirst, and the most important is temperature. You may find many resources near your pod. And, you start to maintain food, filtrate water, oxygen reserves, and many resources that you should use in the survival. I’ve played the previous version, but if it compares to this one, I will choose this one. All those elements are combined into a neat-packed version. Let me explain further why I really excited about this game.

Realistic Environment

The first explanation is the realistic environment in this game. I’m a fan of good game graphics, and this game amazes me with the amazing graphics. You know some games prefer to enhance the game graphic instead of the plot or gameplay. Well, this game, from my perspective, enhance the graphic but also increase the plot density. Well, nobody’s perfect. Still, some holes in the plot, or even the character in this game. I hope the developer will fix this in the future game.


The second explanation is the gameplay. You may know Raft, or the Forest, Stranded Deep, and many more are already launched in the game industry. Well, those games have their own fans similar to Subnautica. Why I’m really excited while I’m playing this because you are being taught to be creative and persistent at the same time. You may seek some resources for your habitat, and at the same time how you collect those resources are the most interesting part. You must pass some alien fishes that you couldn’t fight at the beginning, and create a way to collect resources without detected. Excited, right? I’ve spent hours creating a passage, and I enjoy it a lot.

Well, not all players will agree, but at least, at the moment, I’ve felt satisfied after I played. I still figure it why I feel that way, but at least, I’ve enjoyed it. This game also gives some “terror” that struck the players indirectly. I can’t explain what this is, but the “terror” develops you into an adept player in any environment or gameplay if you play with the same genre or not.

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