Sublimotion Dubai: Interactive Dining


Are you ready to enjoy your food in a futuristic environment?


Dubai is a city of luxury and extravagance. The city has many restaurants, but few can compare to the new Sublimotion Dubai. As a new addition to the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira hotel, this restaurant is unlike any other in Dubai because it offers an exclusive experience that only costs $1,000 per person. It was first opened in Ibiza almost ten years ago, and since then, it has been attracting a lot of international attention. But now, excited customers can try the experience for themselves in Dubai!


Sublimotion Dubai 


The restaurant has a show where visitors can watch their food be prepared in front of them. It takes place every night, where food is served on rotating tables and art is projected onto the walls. They also offer a 10-course meal that includes the most expensive ingredients like caviar and champagne. The menu is created by Chef Andre Chiang and each dish is prepared in a show kitchen and descends from the ceiling on motorized wires, which is an experience in itself. However, the restaurant has only 12 guests per sitting, so you can expect a very personalized experience.


The Sublimotion experience is billed as the most surreal and futuristic dining experience ever, and it beats having dinner at any other restaurant.


Would you like to have your dinner on a revolving table?

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