Studio Pierrot Reanimates Naruto’s Iconic Moments to Celebrate the Anime’s 20th Anniversary

It only felt like yesterday to regularly see airings of Shonen Jump’s most iconic stories on television; Dragon Ball, which has since split into multiple stories but has a large following, One Piece, now in its final arc and continuing to hype up its audience, and Naruto, who is succeeded by his son.

The original series first aired on the 2nd of October, 2002, and Studio Pierrot celebrated its anniversary by reanimating 10 minutes’ worth of the story’s greatest moments all the way from the beginning to Shippuden’s climax. The trailer, titled ‘Road of Naruto’, recapped quite a lot of the major scenes, while also leaving enough for smaller, yet vividly remembered points, like Shikamaru avenging his mentor with an explosive win.

The video also featured new scenes that weren’t in the original airing, as well as six opening themes from both the first part and Shippuden. The animation is superb, though the artstyle does seem slightly different. Perhaps this can be dismissed as factors of age and time changing our perceptions, but it is still enjoyable to watch nonetheless. We would recommend watching the trailer for yourself, to avoid more spoilers.

Regardless, it’s a great remaster and visual recap of the entire series, showing how far Naruto as a character and the series has come; a 15-year journey for the anime that was completed in 2017. There is no doubt that fans will be wanting a remake of the entire series, though we suppose that would be impossible. Still, we couldn’t help but notice that Studio Pierrot didn’t do a reanimated version of one particular scene in Shippuden.

He is still in Pain. Yes, that’s an actual frame from one of Shippuden’s arcs.

(Images sourced from Studio Pierrot)

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