Street Fighter 6: World Tour, Customizable Characters, Battle Hub, and More

After the hype of Tekken 8’s reveal trailer, Capcom follows with another trailer for Street Fighter 6, this time revealing more of the game’s features and characters in the base roster. Longtime fans of the series will be glad to know that Ken Masters, Blanka, Dhalsim, and E. Honda are included in the base game, as opposed to being DLC like SFV had it with Blanks and E. Honda.

The first notable insight is character creation, something that has never been in the franchise; or most fighting games, with the exception of older Mortal Kombat titles. The customization is sure to be quite varied, with the ability to set age and body materials, among other usual aspects like clothing, accessories, and hairstyles. The next scene shows several places, of which has references to Capcom’s IPs and clues for what’s in store for free roam. The Haggar Stadium is named after Mike Haggar, former mayor of Metro City and a playable character in Final Fight, a classic title. A huge tower with ‘MASTERS’ written on it, which could belong to Ken. A clothing store is also shown as a location for players to buy and customize their characters’ clothing. The same scene shows a giant billboard with the words ‘Giant Attack’, with Final Fight character Hugo behind it. Custom characters can also engage in battles, with movesets borrowed from the original fighters. A beat-em-up mode is also included, tying into the whole Final Fight aspect of the game.

Players can also train and interact with the game’s roster, as shown in Fighting Grounds. Gameplay footage of the four characters follows, with Blanka making use of one of his mini dolls from his SFV arcade mode. Extra fun-centered gamemodes are also shown, a feature that more casual players could appreciate. Lastly, the Battle Hub seems to be a place for characters to meet and set up matchmaking. Acting as a huge arcade, it is a new, original take on matchmaking, and makes socializing with other players a fun, engaging experience. Tournaments can also be held in it, which makes it easier for holding one with randoms or set players.

The trailer ends with Ken, Dhalsim, E. Honda, and Blanka doing their special moves, with another reveal of bonus rounds making a comeback. A feature in older Street Fighter titles to rack up more points, players now beat up scrapped vehicles, as opposed to cars belonging to unfortunate citizens. Vandalism no more!

Lastly, the official website gives more clearance on Ken, who was speculated by fans to have fallen under unfortunate circumstances after the leaks showed his down-on-his-luck look. Popular theories included the death of his son or wife, but those weren’t the case; the American fighter was accused of being involved in a criminal plot, which required him to go into hiding and abandon his family. Pitiful, considering he is a dedicated family man lorewise.


p class=”MsoNormal”>This September seems to be a month for all things new, one that fighting games do not miss. With the hype for Tekken 8, Street Fighter 6, and SNK greenlighting a sequel to the Garou: Mark of the Wolves series, the future looks heated for fighting game enthusiasts.


(Images sourced from Street Fighter 6 World Tour trailer and the game’s official website)

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