Street Fighter 6 News Recap: More Character/Gameplay Reveals, Closed Beta Madness, and Cover Art Issues

While Bandai Namco may have the fighting game community occupied once in a while with Tekken 8, we cannot dismiss Street Fighter 6’s news. With beta sessions and new characters approaching, we’ve got a lot to cover.



The trailer from the Game Awards 2022 showcases three new characters and one returning fighter, with the release date confirmed on June 2, 2023. We are greeted on a beachside, where the beat quickly picks up with Jamaican kickboxer Dee Jay. Still the enthusiastic, energetic musician since we last saw him in Super Street Fighter 4, albeit with a change of clothes and a more stylish hairdo, complete with sunglasses. While it is a shame that Chris Cain is no longer voicing him, Zeno Robinson fits in his more laid-back role just fine. The return of this happy-go-lucky kickboxer is one that feels like home, with themes of SF6 including graffiti and music, which fits his everlasting smile and energy.


Street Fighter 6 World Tour features a selection of fun mini-games – Destructoid


We get a peek at the game’s stage locations, with USA’s fictional Metro City as our first stop. There appears to be a beat-em-up mode, possibly with/against other players, and the ability to call on the characters for assisting on the fight. Next up, minigames. The bottle chopping reminds us of the Test Your Might ones from the 2011 Mortal Kombat reboot, and the next makes use of movement inputs – a pretty useful way to integrate learning the basics for new players. We’re seeing the return of one of Street Fighter 3’s bonus stages, parry-the-basketball. This time, however, Sean is nowhere to be found. A shame, considering that he could be tied in to Ken’s downfall, the latter being his idol and all.




Next up: Italy, where fighters will be battling on a literal colosseum. We get a brief peek at Marisa, an up-and-coming jewelry designer who aspires and claims to have relations with ancient Greek warriors, lifting a lion just to show her strength. Heading over to France, the roster adds a new judoka with a forte in ballet, Manon. A cut to black reveals a man in a trench coat and a hat – and it’s not G, nor Q. It’s JP. He isn’t Japanese either, but his polite mannerisms do remind us of the ‘World President.’



Dee Jay still has his rhythmic rapid strikes, with musical notes as part of his attacks. His super has a bit of the Climax Beat ultra with a slightly different finish, laying on the ground giving a thumbs up. Manon mixes her mastery of judo with her proficiency in ballet, with her super literally getting her opponent to mimic her dances. Marisa makes use of her raw strength, and you could feel the impact of her heavy strikes. It looks brutal, and it helps that some of her moves are strong enough to deny attacks of opponents in gameplay. JP on the other hand, is the most interesting of all; he wields his cane and what appears to be psycho power, judging from the purplish flame. That same power is most known to be wielded by M. Bison, the series’ most prominent big bad who perished in the previous title. Seeing as he made quite a few spare bodies, it’s possible that JP is one of them. He is shown to be quite relentless as well.


JP Critical Arts Street Fighter 6 10 by michaelxgamingph on DeviantArt


That being said, Dee Jay takes the cake for the freshest (re)design. His main costume in previous titles only consist of his drawstring pants, but his appearance here gives him the vibrant colors that go well with his personality. Manon has gathered a few fans of her own, with some comparing her to King of Fighter’s Shermie, both being French and into fashion.

The closed beta sessions shouldn’t be left out either. With limited codes to be given, not everyone could experience SF6. One influencer (whom we shall not name) voiced out his disappointment on Twitter in not getting one, despite his focus on Street Fighter content. As you would expect, memes mocking said influencer have emerged from the situation. Moving on, SF6’s character creator proves to be a promising and extensive one; and oh boy, do we have another Soul Calibur 6 situation. The hilarity is bumped to 11, with avatars of inhumanely comical proportions showing up in the Battle Hub that could be registered as SCPs. One player has even managed to recreate Popeye – all we need now is a Bluto. FG content creator Jiyuna’s character even managed to gain the attention of animator MeatCanyon through the replies, approving his creation. Cursed Roblox-like creations aside, we can’t think of how well these characters will be integrated into actual fighting gameplay; best leave the headache to Capcom.


Street Fighter 6 box art leaked : r/StreetFighter


The game’s cover art however, leaves much to be desired. It does make sense, with Luke being in the spotlight and (highly likely) protagonist of the game. Somewhat acceptable, but most of the community, if not all, agreed that any other existing promotional art of the game could’ve made for a better cover than Luke doing a Popeye. Some call for the return of Ryu, who has been Street Fighter’s poster boy and one of the most recognizable fighting game characters, but his importance in the plot has been reduced overtime. It doesn’t help that SF6’s logo was deemed too simple for most back then.


Regardless, it looks promising for SF6, despite the minor setbacks. If the roster leak is to be believed, we still have several characters to go. Expect more characters coming to future beta sessions until the game’s release. While others will be anticipating other aspects, I’m looking forward to more sightings of Twitter users’ goofy, nightmarish characters on the Battle Hub.


(Credits to FightersGeneration for the high-res screenshots!)

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