Stranger Things Fashion Ideas


After a long three-year wait, Stranger Things is finally back with a new season! Set in the 1980s, Stranger Things follows a group of kids who discover a portal to another world, dangerous monsters, and undercover government and Russian experiments. 


As the show takes place in the 80s, it’s full of fun 80s-style outfits, including bright colours, funky patterns, and jeans and jumper combinations. Every time I watch Stranger Things I’m captivated by the use of fashion and the costume department’s execution of this. 


Here are the patterns and clothes you need to incorporate into your wardrobe for fun 80s outfits! Have fun and happy Stranger Things!


Striped T-Shirts

Big patterned t-shirts tucked into denim shorts are an easy, effective outfit, perfect for eating ice cream on summer days. Max is seen in season 3 wearing a red and white striped t-shirt and light blue denim shorts. Pair this with white Converse for a casual but fun summer look! 


Striped t-shirts and denim are a must for building an 80s outfit, and pretty much every character wears them at some point!



Funky Patterned Shirts

As well as stripes, blouses with bright colours and unique patterns are a must-have. Eleven wears a navy blue/black short-sleeved shirt with purple, blue, and yellow paint splatters. Shirts with bright coloured patterns are underrated and easy to build an outfit around. For a modern take, you could style it with black or white cargo pants.




Windbreaker jackets are good for the spring, autumn, or colder summer days. They come in a range of colours so are perfect for bright, multi-coloured 80s energy. I love this one with green, pink, yellow, and purple stripes! It’s fun and a statement piece. In Stranger Things, they mix and match different colours and patterns. Windbreakers are perfect for t-shirt and shorts outfits!




Whether it’s shorts, skirts, or boyfriend jeans, denim is everywhere in Stranger Things. Blue denim is a classic, especially for jeans! Baggier styles of jeans are essential for an 80s look, paired with a crop top and an oversized jacket. 


Different coloured denim also works well, such as red or pink denim skirts and oversized denim jackets. 




Accessories are always important for any outfit. Stranger Things doesn’t go overboard with accessorising, as it focuses on patterns and colours. The girls often wear scrunchies in their hair, either in ponytails or half-up half-down hairstyles.


Stranger Things fashion pairs colours together that contrast, for example, Max wears dark green scrunchies which contrast with her ginger hair. Brightly coloured silk scrunchies add another pop of colour to an outfit without taking away attention from the other pieces you’re wearing. 

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