Steam 3000 Summer Sale, Don’t Miss It!

Have you been eyeing some games on Steam lately? Steam is holding their annual Summer Sale titled “Steam 3000” Summer Sale where you can get some good deals on games ranging from 20% and even up to 90%. The summer sale ends on 7th July so make sure not to miss it!

From big title games to niche indie games on sales, there are a ton of games to choose from and you might end up accidentally spending more than your budget.

If you’re confused about what to spend your money on, here are some games on sale that you could add to your cart!


Resident Evil Village

Source: Steam

The 8th game of the survival horror series, get this game for 50% off! Grab this good deal as the game was only released last year on May 2, 2021. Get this chance to meet Lady Dimitrescu yourself!


Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice – GOTY Edition

Source: Steam

Didn’t get the chance to play Sekiro? This game which won several awards such as Game of the YearThe Game Awards 2019 and Best Action Game of 2019 – IGN is now on sale for 50% off!


Dead by Daylight

Source: Steam

The popular horror co-op game is now on sale for 60%! Invite your friends to buy this game to play together and survive against the terrifying killers.



Source: Steam

Released in 2020, Hades is one of the hack and slash rogue-like dungeon crawler games based on Greek mythology and beautiful lore, soundtracks, world-building and not to mention – beautiful characters. Get this game for 40% off!


Golf with Friends

Source: Steam

Play mini-golf with your friends to either strengthen your friendship or ultimately break it over competitiveness! Get the game right now for 67% off!

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