STAYC Returns with ‘RUN2U’ Music Video

STAYC recently released their comeback music video titled ‘RUN2U’ on Monday, February 21 2022.

STAYC is a K-Pop girl group created by the music label HIGHUP Entertainment; and is a rookie girl group who just had their debut in 2020 with the song ‘So Bad’. This time, they return with their comeback ‘RUN2U’, which has already amassed a total of 11.5 Million views on YouTube.

‘RUN2U’ is a title-track from their 2nd Mini Album ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’, which has a total of six songs: ‘RUN2U’, ‘SAME SAME’, ‘247 (247)’, ‘YOUNG LUV’, ‘BUTTERFLY’, and ‘I WANT U BABY’.

Although ‘RUN2U’ surprisingly does not have the iconic “STAYC Girls, it’s going down!” line in their opening, the song was still catchy with its energetic retro synth beat.

STAYC has six members: Park Si-eun, Isa, Se-eun, Sumin,Yoon, and J who wore cooler tones of outfits in the music video – mostly with blue, black, and white colors. Different from their previous hit songs; ‘ASAP’ and ‘STEREOTYPE’, ‘RUN2U’ has a more mature vibe.

Their hit song ‘ASAP’ with 47 million views on YouTube had a brighter, childish and more colorful concept, as the song has a fast and fun beat compared to ‘RUN2U’. ‘STEREOTYPE’, which garnered 53 million views on YouTube showed a more romantic and dreamy concept.

Yesterday on February 22, STAYC uploaded their ‘RUN2U’ Dance Practice video on YouTube, which already has 600K views. Their dance practice video showcases their new and creative choreography – including the dance break. The STAYC members were also wearing matching long-sleeved tops and sweatpants for their outfits.

Watch their music video here!

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