Starship’s IVE Broke A Record

Starship‘s new girl group just broke a record!

IVE, who debuted on December 1st with six members, got their first trophy on Korean Music Show. The group won first place in MBC Music Show Champion seven days after debuting. IVE became the fastest girl group to win on Korean Music Show since its debut, replacing ITZY.

Previously, ITZY broke the record as the fastest girl group to win on Korean Music Show since its debut in 2019. ITZY achieved their first win with their debut single, DALLA DALLA. Since then, no other girl group broke the record until IVE in 2021. 

The first win on Korean Music Show is a significant achievement, especially for just recently debuted groups. It marks the start of the group’s success in South Korea.

IVE debut single, ELEVEN, had sold over 54,000 copies on Hanteo on the release day. The single also debuted at #22 on Worldwide iTunes Song Chart after 24 hours of its release. On December 4th, ELEVEN debuted on Spotify K-pop Global Chart at #75. 

Before its debut, IVE was one of the anticipated girl groups to debut. The main reason was because of Yujin and Wonyoung. Both of them were formerly IZONE members. In their years as IZONE members, they were very well-known, especially Wonyoung. Wonyoung was IZ*ONE’s centre since she got #1 on the final rank of Produce 48

Yujin and Wonyoung were known as the tallest members while in IZ*ONE despite their young age. Their visuals and body proportions also attracted Korean netizens’ attention. Recently, IVE youngest member, Leeseo, also got praised for her visual by Korean netizens on Pann.

Congratulations IVE!

You can watch and listen to IVE debut single ELEVEN here.


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