Sri Lanka’s Fresh Start

Rajapaksa had submitted his resignation by email on Thursday night, according to Indunil Yapa, an assistant to Sri Lanka’s parliament speaker, but it needed to be verified and an official announcement wasn’t yet scheduled. Groups of Sri Lankans gathered together outside the presidential office after word spread of the resignation.

The demonstrators accuse Rajapaksa’s administration of mismanaging the economy and stealing money from the government coffers for years, as well as the president and his prominent political family.

Although Rajapaksa recognized some of his policies contributed to the crisis, the family has refuted the claims of corruption. The president and his well-known political family are also accused by the protesters of mismanaging the economy and stealing money from the government coffers over a long period of time.

The Rajapaksa family has denied allegations of corruption, despite Rajapaksa’s recognition that some of his actions led to the catastrophe. The demonstrators are unhappy with Wickremesinghe, but they also accuse the Rajapaksas of causing the nation’s economic collapse. They think he has shielded the president, and that Rajapaksa’s nomination as prime minister in May, the sixth time since the early 1990s, lessened pressure on him to step down.

Wickremesinghe has also said he will resign, but not until a new government is in place. He has urged the speaker of parliament to find a new prime minister agreeable to both the ruling and opposition parties. With Sri Lanka’s new future just ahead, many people are looking for new political leaders to step up and lead the country moving forward.

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