Springing Into Style

The season of spring is among us. After what felt like a gazillion years of miserable weather, we can finally ditch the thick coats and thermal underlayers and let the essence of spring take over our wardrobes. The sun is out (supposedly) and it’s time to soak up that sweet, sweet vitamin D and look like a fashion icon while doing so.


After two springs of dressing up to impress everyone and their mum at the grocery shop, we’ve got places to go and people to see. It’s important to look good. So, here are our spring fashion trend predictions for 2022 to help you do exactly that.



Cut-outs are the new ripped jeans in the world of dad jokes. Yes, they are clothing items with pieces cut out, and yes, you bought them like that. This trend comes in a whole array of different styles such as a one-sleeve look, an under-boob moment, or even a tasteful little side stomach. The possibilities are in abundance making it a perfect trend for everyone to dabble in.


Low rise

We as a society are slowly saying goodbye to the high-rise jeans that have kept us safe for many, many years. In full y2k fashion, the low-rise jean is edging themselves into our wardrobes. However, this is not the full extent of the trend. Low-rise jeans with a cropped top to show some stomach is what the trend demands to reach its full potential. Maybe it’s not for everyone (long live high-waisted bottoms), but it definitely looks good.



Extra mini minis

Move over a mini skirt and make way for the new skirt in town: the mini skirt. Fashion designers have decided short wasn’t short enough and honestly, it’s serving looks. It’s very much in line with the very popular y2k trend that has seeped its way back into society. Despite it being only a short amount of fabric, it makes a killer of an outfit. Experiment with different prints and fabrics if you really want to go all out, or pair it with some tights for a slightly more covered look.



Pleated skirts have been a thing before and it’s back, but not how you know them. Tennis skirts and tartan print were the usual pleated association but it has now evolved. It’s gone from short and preppy, to long and glam. Midis and maxis are all the rage with shiny, metallic-looking fabrics being at the forefront. Although plain colors or bold prints still look pretty swanky and can make an outfit go from basic to oh wow. Match it with a cute bralette or a knitted jumper and you’re on to a real winner there. Go team pleats!

Fringe binge

Finally, sashay away in a full fringe skirt or dress to add a little spring to your step. Let the fringes dance away in the wind and feel like you’re walking the runway. Whether that’s slim, shiny tassels on a fancy evening dress or thick, colorful strands for day wear, this is guaranteed to elevate your mood, it’s just so fun!


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