Spooky Shows To Watch


Though Halloween is a way off yet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get in the spooky mood now. With so many creepy shows to pick from, narrowing them down is hard, but those on the list cover different aspects and make a strong list of spooky shows that make it feel like Halloween all year round.


TV Series Review: Hemlock Grove - Season 1 - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging LifeHemlock Grove – Powerhouse of the horror genre, Eli Roth, used the original novel by Brian McGreevy, to bring a new generation of Vampires and Werewolves to the screen. With three seasons under its belt, the frightening tv show stars Bill Skarsgard, pre-IT, and centers on a town ripe with secrets.



Watch Witches of East End Season 1 | Prime Video

Witches of East End  – A witchy show following in the same vein as Charmed and The Witches of Eastwick, the two-season show, adapted from the book series by Melissa de la Cruz, follows two sisters who learn the truth of their heritage. But with knowledge and power comes the stark reality; though they are gifted, they are also cursed.



The Real Reason Sleepy Hollow Was CanceledSleepy Hollow – Based on a short story, and with a past iteration starring Johnny Depp in 1999, the four-season show combines past and present to create something very different from the material that came before. Brought 250 years into the future, Ichabod is tasked with figuring out a mystery that began at the founding of America joined by a police lieutenant. But Ichabod isn’t the only one who came back. The infamous Headless Horseman has returned to torment the town of Sleepy Hollow.



Siren's Eline Powell: Interview with a Mermaid | Den of Geek
Siren – Ryn knows nothing of the human world when she comes ashore, but with the help of Ben and Maddie, she follows the crumbs left behind as she searches for her older sister. For three seasons, the show centers on the growing mermaid population in the small town as numerous reasons force them from the ocean.



Hannibal Season 4 Would Gender Flip Some Characters According to Mads Mikkelsen | Den of Geek

Hannibal – Mads Mikelson stars as the titular serial killer as he grows close to a young FBI profiler. With the characters and faint plot arcs coming from the 1981 novel Red Dragon, as well as the extremely famous The Silence of the Lambs, this three-season show focuses on the charismatic cannibal when he was still a wolf in sheep’s clothing.



With witches, vampires, werewolves, sirens, cannibals, and time travel making up this list, there is sure to be something for everyone. So light some candles, turn off the lights, and settle in to watch your newest obsession.

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