Spider-Man: No Way Home Got The Highest Audience Score in Rotten Tomatoes

Spider-Man: No Way Home just breaks another record!

*Slight spoiler ahead of Spider-Man: No Way Home

After breaking various records, the latest Marvel Spider-Man film officially has the highest audience score in Rotten Tomatoes. The concluding film of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has earned more than $750 million worldwide on its one-week debut. Even before its release, Spider-Man: No Way Home has broken the advance ticket sales record in several countries around the world. Other than that, this blockbuster’s income has surpassed the production budget which is $200 million.

Rotten Tomatoes revealed this record on their Twitter account that said Spider-Man: No Way Home has a 99% Audience Score which makes the film is the highest-rated movie in Rotten Tomatoes. It has met the minimum requirement of 20,000 verified audience ratings. The audience score is rated by most people that are not critics.

According to Screenrant, Spider-Man: No Way Home is trying to please the audiences with the appearance of three Spider-Man in this latest movie. No Way Home brings Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland together and fights the villain from each film together. The idea to bring these original casts from three different Spider-Man verse quite entertaining fans.

Through the multiverse, Marvel successfully gathers the heroes together and fixes all the chaos. Starting from Tom Holland’s Peter Parker who wants to erase the memory of him as Spider-Man and ruins the spell cast by Doctor Strange that opens the gate of the multiverse which brings every Peter Parker from all verses to the current verse, including the threats that link to every Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. Instead of taking them home, the current Peter Parker is trying to fix all of the villainesses.

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