Spending Christmas Alone

Spending Christmas alone when you’re living abroad being homesick while cold outside can really dim out the holiday festivities. Many people seem to have their Christmas plans fall through due to the new Coronavirus variant, Omicron. Once again, some countries have put travel restrictions on entry, which may have caused a lot of people to put their plans to see their family members on hold again this year. So what can you do if you have to once again spend the holidays alone?

It’s really important for you not to forget to buy food before Christmas. Most restaurants will be either so busy or closed for Christmas. Maybe even gather with your friends who are also in town for a Christmas meal together. You can try and even bake Christmas cookies and watch Christmas or festive films. You also need to remember to buy liquor before Christmas Day before the liquor aisle is emptied out, like during the start of the pandemic. It’s great to have comfort food and drinks around if you’re going to have to spend Christmas alone. Check out the Christmas markets and Christmas sales if you want to go out! You can even buy yourself a Christmas gift and treat yourself. Treat yourself to that new coat, make-up, skincare, or even those shoes. Since it’s the holidays, you can definitely treat yourself to your favorite food. No festivities are complete without a food coma anyway. Plus, since the pandemic started, virtual celebrations have been widespread. So you can even have a virtual meet-up with your friends and family where you can share a meal and have a conversation with them.

If you can’t see your family this Christmas because of the pandemic yet again, give them a call and connect with them in any sort of way. Don’t let the pandemic and travel restrictions prevent you from connecting with your family while also following the covid-19 safety travel protocols by seeing them virtually. See your friends or even people watch out on the streets. You don’t really have to be alone. Be safe and comfortable if you can’t spend it with your family.

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