Special Things About God Usopp

Dubbed as the liar by his loved ones, God for some, Sniper King and Warrior among pirates.

Born as the powerful Sniper

Usopp is the son of Yassop, one of the top crew of the Red Hair Pirates. He’s inherit the talent of one of the best sharpshooter whose ever existed. Usopp does not know about his father other than that he’s a part of the Red-Haired Pirates, and he is truly proud about it. Many scenes and panels in the series showcasing his talent for sharpshooting.

Was Looked forward to by a Girl

Before he joined the Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp got into a relationship with a rich girl named Kaya. After the passings of Kaya’s parents, she fell ill and taken care of by Klahadore, her caretaker. Usopp has saved her life through the tales that he were told to her despite of knowing Usop was a liar. Kaya even gave Straw Hat Pirate first ship named Going Merry since they fought in the battle to save Syrup Village. The an aspiring doctor always follow the news concerning the Straw Hat Pirates and almost instantly recognize Usopp in every each of the updated wanted posters of him.

Hold the most memorable Nicknames.

Usopp was labeled as the “Liar” of the Straw Hat Pirates, due to the “Uso” in his name meaning “lie” or “falsehood” in Japanese. In his first appearance, he was famous for frequently lying about pirates attacking through nearby shore when he was still part of his village. He is also has the other nicknames dubbed the Sniper King. Derived from the aftermath of Usopp & Luffy’s fight, he disguised himself in a mask and call himself “Sogeking”. Even made Luffy couldn’t figure him out when they fight together to save Robin. Lastly, he also called as “God Usopp” when Doflamingo made the 500 Million Man-The Target is Usoland in Dressrosa Arc.

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