Speak to Write Software by Dragon

I cannot stress enough how much Dragon software and its speak-to-write function have helped me in my college and university education.

Dragon speak-to-write software is marketed toward people with Dyslexia and people with difficulties writing.

The product is also aimed at people who would rather speak than write or type down sentences and paragraphs because it can be more efficient to speak words to the screen than taking the time to type.

On a personal level, I, Jonathan Riley, highly value this product because of my dyslexia; having been diagnosed at 14 and going into education at 15 full-time, I adore this product because, without this technology, I would have been unable to go to university, work independently and write this blog which you are reading now.

If you have dyslexia, some learning difficulties, or maybe you have been failed by the education system, I recommend using this product.

The first version I used was Dragon 12. I’m currently using Dragon 15; you can get more up-to-date versions, but the price varies with its features and add-ons, which makes the product more attuned to your voice


Dragon software is a learning software.


The more you use Dragon speak to write software, the more influential the device becomes; it tunes itself to your voice and speech patterns; therefore, the more you speak and use the software, the more it becomes tailored to your way of speaking.

When using the software for the first time, I suggest you start by speaking a few sentences at a time, and then, as you speak more clearly and fluently, you will become a better practitioner of Dragon speak to write software.

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