SpaceHey: A Social Media Site With 2000s Vibes

SpaceHey is a social media site that brings back the old style of social media. The web style is similar to MySpace in the mid-2000s.

The website brings up the memory of the early MySpace when it used to rule the social media platform.

SpaceHey was founded by “An” in 2020, and run by tibush labs, a Germany-based creative start-up founded by the creator of SpaceHey.

The registration process is pretty easy and uncomplicated. You only need to input your email and password, verify that you’re a human by passing the captcha test, input the username, and you’re good to go.

After signing up, you will automatically befriend two accounts: the SpaceHey official account and “An,” the founder of SpaceHey.

The totally customisable profile page is my favourite feature. There are a variety of layouts available that may be utilised by simply copying and pasting the codes into the “About me” area of the profile, or you can create it yourself if you understand HTML.

SpaceHey layouts showcase.

SpaceHey also allows its users to embed content from a variety of currently supported platforms on their personal page, including:













The website does not require a lot of bandwidth because there isn’t much content to load, no adverts, and no animated content. Because of this simplicity, the web page loads quickly even on slow internet connections (personally tested on 3G network with internet speed of 40KB/s).

A SpaceHey profile page with custom layout applied.

Simple doesn’t mean lack of features. You can send a message to your SpaceHey friends, create your own blog entry, join a group, discussing in forum, and create a bulletin.

If you’re a minimalistic person or you miss the old days of social media, this social media platform is for you.

At the time of publishing, over 200,000 users are registered on SpaceHey, according to SpaceHey itself in the “About” page

However, the website occasionally suffers from technical issues, causing it to go down.

If you wish to create your own SpaceHey account, visit SpaceHey here.

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