South Korean Government To Remove Money-Making Games

Apple and Google have been asked for the South Korean government to block game play to earn in each of their most shops.

Play-to-earn (P2E) games are very popular today and have been present greater since the beginning of 2021. This game allows players to make money for their activities in the game and are very popular in Asia.

There are reports that some players can make a lot of money with this game, which has begun to receive government attention.

Friday (31/12/2021) According to reports from local media local governments have ordered Google and Apple not to allow release of money-producing games to further examination. South Korea is also reported to be currently starting to monitor blockchain-based games.

Game Management Committee under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism South Korea sent a letter to certain operators to block the distribution of the game.

They intend to block this by preventing the application be registered in the first place, therefore requests are made to Apple and Google.

However, this is not a total ban, these games can still be released but they must first receive the ranking of the Game Management Committee. And the latter will see things like the rank of age. The game committee has canceled the classification of 15 Blockchain-based games this year.

The latest step by the South Korean government to remove play-to-earn game is only one more action by the authorities to impose control over the Crypto market. This country has become one of the most active in terms of regulation.

Some of the measures that South Korea has taken include tax regimes, confidential documents, and exchange of requirements to receive official certification.

Crypto users in South Korea hope there will be a rejection of the removal of play-to-earn games. However, it seems that impossible government will withdraw the decision.

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