Soundtrack #1 Finale: A Must-Watch Drama for ‘Friends-to-Lover’ Enthusiast


After Sunwoo’s (Park Hyungsik) unexpected departure abroad, Eunsoo (Han Sohee) had to live her life as per usual but without Sunwoo by her side. This time is different from when Sunwoo had to leave her for military service in the country. Eunsoo had this strange feeling of emptiness and longing for something that she had no idea what it was about before.


In the middle of Eunsoo’s uncertainty about her feeling, Kang Wooil (Kim Joohun)—the music producer, Eunsoo’s coworker—once again confessed his feeling and asked for Eunsoo’s answer. On the first confession, Eunsoo was still uncertain about her feeling toward Kang Wooil but this time, she was finally able to realize that she had no feelings for Wooil and came to a decision that she will confess her feeling to Sunwoo.


 The chemistry between Han Sohee and Park Hyungsik is perfectly captured in this 4-episodes drama. Friends to lover trope might sound cliché but there is always something special in every drama that uses this trope, right?


Although it is only 4 episodes with each episode being less than an hour, Soundtrack #1 successfully gives us a very heart-warming drama. The storyline is nicely written. Just by 4 episodes, this drama can take us into Sunwoo—Eunsoo’s 20 years of friendship. It feels like we have already known them for a long time. All the flashing memories and flashbacks are delivered very well and the cinematography of this drama is fantastic. Although most of the episodes took winter as the time setting, the cinematography made it feels warmer, like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter night, like a warm blanket that keeps you warm all night.


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