Son Naeun Writes A Farewell Letter



Son Naeun officially left the group Apink. Naeun left Apink ahead of the group’s 11th-anniversary celebration.


On Friday (8/4), Naeun uploaded handwriting on her personal Instagram account as a sign of farewell.


He wrote that leaving a group that had been together for 11 years was not easy. This decision was taken after much debate.


Na-Eun wants to be a part of Panda, Apink’s fandom name, and still support Apink as a fan.


Na-Eun also thanked Apink members Cho-Rong, Bo-mi, Nam-Joo, and Ha-Young, IST staff, and Panda.


“When looking back on the time we’ve spent together up until now and our memories, no words can express how I feel. However, I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who made my teenage years and 20s so the most radiant, which rewarded me with good times,” he wrote


“I will engrave the name ‘Apink’s Son Naeun’ in my heart, and I want to show something better in the future so that I don’t embarrass the name.” as quoted from Soompi, last year.


Naeun was the only member who did not renew the contract with the IST Entertainment agency. Naeun signed a contract with YG Entertainment as an actress and did not participate in promotions for Apink’s new album last February.


Meanwhile, the agency issued an official statement that Apink will not continue promotions with the other five members.


“Starting with the fan song’s 11th anniversary, which is scheduled to be released on April 19, Apink will reorganize and continue promotions as a five-member group with Park Cho-Rong, Yoon Bo-mi, Jung Eun-Ji, Kim Nam- Joo, and Oh Ha-young. Son Na-Eun has ended her activities with the group and they will encourage each other from their respective paths, “wrote the agency.


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