Something make you speechless about Monkey D.Luffy!

Straw Hat Luffy

Straw Hat Luffy is a powerful man and a captain of his own crew. Contrary for his role as the captain, he has a lot of tendencies for mischief and pure innocence act just like a little kid that he is. He often make mistakes that make his friends get in trouble. But despite all of that, he manage to bring all of the Straw Hats crew together. As an act of helping each of his own crew member, Luffy often display a lot of emotional and sentiment acts to them.

Luffy give his most prized treasure to Nami.

Luffy give his precious treasure to Nami as he goes to fight Arlong. In the previous moment that help Nami realizes that she needs help.


Luffy’s fight Vivi

“Why not put all our lives on the line together? Arent we friends?” said Luffy to Vivi. This is the kind of friendship that was worth to fight for.


Luffy’s wish to hear what Robin had to say

He always care about his friends in need. Even he declares war by tells Sogeking to shoot the world government flag just for his lovely friend, Robin.


Epic declaration about One Piece

He doesn’t want to know if One Piece does really exist or not, his love for having a good jolly time full of adventure is what’s matters the most.


Luffy speech to Sanji on Whole Cake Island

Sanji kicked and beat Luffy to a bloody pulp as an act of him to leave the crew. But Luffy knows that Sanji even better than himself. And as his nakama and as his captain, he decides to wait for Sanji even refusing to eat or move from his current spot.


Luffy motivates prisoners of Udon

In Wano Arc, Luffy was losing to Kaido in the first confrontation. He imprisoned in a jail cell always left his charming. He has encouraged every prisoners not to live as a slave.

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