Some Tips for You Before Going to Rave Concerts

After the problems that arose in Travis Scott’s rave Astroworld, it is a huge wake-up call for a lot of people. With 10 people dying and counting, plenty more injured and 100 lawsuits filed against Travis Scott so far, it’s really easy to get carried away.

After almost 2 years of quarantine, lockdowns and wearing masks, people are bound to get excited and rowdy once going to concerts were allowed, especially with a headliner such as Travis Scott.

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I have listed down a few things we all need to remember about going to raves and concerts again: 

Go with your friends 

This may seem obvious but it’s definitely crucial especially when you’re going out to a rave that’s going to last a couple of days. You need to be around people that know you and a group that can look out for each other. Of course, you can make lifetime friends meeting new people in raves but it’s always safer to go with your friends or someone you know.


Be careful of mosh pits 

Mosh pits have definitely become a staple in any rave or concert and it’s definitely unavoidable. Headliners will even encourage these big crazy mosh pits. A lot of people are going to get pushed around when creating the empty space and there’s always going to be someone bigger or taller or drunker around you. It’s always better to avoid these mosh pits. But if you are caught in one, protect your face and try to push your way out of it. Be mindful of the people that are trying to leave the mosh pit and let them. 


Always make way for medical emergencies 

If you see someone around you having a medical emergency, try to get as many people as possible to make way and realise what’s happening. If you can’t help the person get to the medic, the least you could do is make way for people who are helping them. It’s completely okay to miss a few songs being played live to help someone else. Medical emergencies are usually out of people’s control so it’s important to be empathetic despite the exciting pumping energy in the air.


Carry essentials in your bags

Always carry a bag to a rave to keep your essentials. Anything from medication, to cash, your phone or charger. Always carry a bag that wraps around your body and never carry a see-through bag. Losing things is inevitable in raves, so be more mindful of the crowd and always prepare for the worst. Back up your phone before you leave, don’t bring your credit or debit card and have your id and ticket. Leave all the nonnecessities at home. 


Eat, drink, rave repeat

Always eat and drink plenty of water before, after and during a rave! Standing on your feet all day, dancing and walking around the venue can rack up to 10,000-20,000 steps which burn a lot of calories. Dancing, drinking alcohol, sweating will also dehydrate you and mixers to cut your liquor is not enough to rehydrate you and keep you energised. Always get enough food, water and rest. If and when consuming alcohol, always have a designated driver or sober friend. You and your friends can even take turns so you can all enjoy the event together and keep each other safe.

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