Some SD Cards Aren’t Working on 2021 MacBook Pro

After being absent for 6 years, Apple has brought back the SD card slot on both 14” and 16” 2021 MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, some users have encountered an issue with the SD card.

The latest 2021 MacBook Pro, both models, is reported doesn’t recognize some SD cards. Quoting from the MacRumors forum, some users have complained about the SD card issue where it is inaccessible.

An illustration of the problematic MacBook
Image source: MacRumors

saury316, a Reddit user, complained about this issue in the Reddit thread, which stated:

I’ve got no idea what’s going on. I was trying to get photos of a SD card on my new 14″ MBP but when I inserted into the SD card reader in the laptop, it does not connect or mount. Shows a pop-up window and error message “The disk you attached was not readable by this computer.” and options to either “Eject, Ignore or Initialise…” the disk.

What’s weird, is if I take a USB-C SD card reader and plug it through that, it works fine. The SD card works fine in the camera as well, works fine on my 2015 MBP as well.

After getting the photos off it, I tried “Initialise…”, and it did nothing to resolve it. I tried Erasing the card via the 14″ MBP to the listed FAT format, and it did not resolve it. I tried formating the card via the Canon camera’s built in Low Level format, and that didn’t help either.

What’s also weird is that, this seems to be only affecting some of my SD cards? And not others. And I cannot find any pattern. Some SDHC work. Some don’t. Some Sandisk work. Some don’t.

Anyone else having these issues? Any resolution?

Edit 1: Went to the Genius Bar and they were able to replicate the issue and suggested replacing with a new machine. However, I tested my SD cards on other demo units and they seem to have the same issue??

Edit 2: Replacement machine also has the same issue. I don’t want to keep exchanging machines and setting up new machines. Even with Dropbox and Time Machine, it’s still a bit annoying and quite time consuming.

saury316, a Reddit user

The source of the issue isn’t yet clear, whether it’s from the software or the hardware. Currently, there’s no update or action taken to solve the issue.

KLDM, a MacRumors user, stated in the forum that they had contacted Apple tech support. Apple is now aware of the issue and currently working on a fix in an update to Monterey.

We’re looking forward to the update on this issue.

Source: MacRumors, Reddit

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