Some K-POP Main Dancers That You Could Mistake As Main Vocalists!

Some of KPOP male main dancers have the voice of absolute gold. 

It is very often that K-POP groups would have fixed positions on who is their main dancer, rapper, vocalist… Most of the time, we don’t even know who is which because their talents are just off the roof!

In this shortlist, we list well-known main dancers who could have been mistaken as main vocalists:


Taemin is the idol of idols. Most idols debuting today look up to him and his music, dance style are repurposed in almost every corner of the K-POP industry. Though SHINee never had fixed positions, Taemin is their main dancer but he also has an amazing, unique voice that would stand out among millions.

Taemin has built his sound ever since he debuted solo with Danger in 2014. 


HOSHI (Seventeen)

Hoshi is Seventeen’s well-known performance leader and choreographer. With great passion and amazing dance control, Hoshi has been acknowledged among K-POP fans and their idols to be one of the best main dancers in the industry. 

However, Hoshi has proven to be a great vocalist both live and in the studio. Though Hoshi has had chances to prove his vocal skills in solo covers like Phonecert or solo performances like Touch, he officially made his solo debut with Spider earlier this year. Spider is one of the best tracks to be released this year, vocal-wise and performance-wise.


Yugyeom (GOT7)

Yugyeom is dubbed as a world-class dancing machine by a friend of his from Seventeen, Mingyu. He was also the only 18-year-old idol who won Hit The Stage with a double all-hit from the panel twice! Yugyeom is well-known as one of the greatest dancers in the industry. 

Earlier this year, Yugyeom officially debuted solo under AOMG with EP ‘POV: U’, with tracks that show his vocal range off. Yugyeom has proven that he has an amazing voice ever since debuting with GOT7, with the group having various genres, Yugyeom’s voice would often stand out among his members.


Rocky (ASTRO)

Rocky is ASTRO’s main dancer and choreographer. Acknowledged by idols and fans in the industry, he is slowly rising to be one of the best dancers with various dancing backgrounds. Rocky, however, is also a powerhouse when it comes to vocals. From the debut of ASTRO, he has been belting out higher notes than the main vocalist (this is an exaggeration but he really can). Songs such as First Love, Always You really bring the vocalist in him. 

Rocky has a SoundCloud made to post his covers. He tried to post a cover of Bruno Mars’ Versace on the Floor but apparently, was rejected because SoundCloud thought it was Bruno Mars. 


Among all of these main dancers, who is your favourite vocalist? And who would you include?

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