Soleimani’s Assassination: Iranian Commander Says Death of All US Leaders Wouldn’t Avenge Soleimani’s Assassination

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — An Iranian Revolutionary Guards general stated that killing all American leaders would not be enough to avenge the death of Iranian military commander General Qassem Soleimani.

While on a visit to Iraq in January 2020, Soleimani was killed by the US military. Iran has pledged to exact “cruel vengeance” on anyone who carried out his assassination.


“If all American leaders are killed, this will still not avenge the blood of Soleimani. We have to follow Soleimani Path and avenge him through other methods,” Mohammad Pakpour, ground forces commander of the Revolutionary Guards, said.


Soleimani was Iran’s most powerful military commander, leading Tehran’s operations across the Middle East. He was killed at Baghdad airport in a strike ordered by then US President Donald Trump.


Pakpour’s remarks came as Iran and foreign powers strive to overcome obstacles in Vienna talks aimed at salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal, which has stalled.


One of the remaining questions is whether Washington will remove the Revolutionary Guards off the US Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) list, as Tehran has sought, to resurrect the pact.

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