Sofou Hosts a Virtual Fashion Runway for Refugees’ Charitable Donations


A new virtual fashion runway will be featured at Sofou’s fundraising event, encouraging the public, businesses, companies, and brands to participate in the runway.


SOFOU Virtual runway (Image: James Lee, SOFOU)

Sofia-Chezene Theophilou, the co-founder of Sofou, created a digital fashion event called “Sofou People and Pets Wear Fashion,” which will take place on a pre-recorded YouTube channel from June 20th to June 26th, 2022.


The runway has 12 categories in total, where participants will be featured by donating:


Runway categories. (Image: SOFOU)

Individuals from the United Kingdom, Ukraine, India, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Turkey, and Kenya attended the Sofou fashion show, which featured People’s and Petswear Fashion.


The five charities are DEC (Disaster Emergency Council), MSF (Doctors Without Borders), Children on the Edge, Refugee Council, and Lifting Hands International, where all the funds from the event will be donated to these organizations.


Sofou is a new Edtech start-up that specializes in developing free and low-cost educational apps and courses.


Mrs. Theophilou said, “After witnessing the events unfold in Ukraine, I had previously held fashion shows to raise donations”.


“I chose to do this in order to generate money for a charity that can assist, as well as to raise funding for a free parental app that I am developing, I wanted people from all over the world to participate and watch the event.”


“Not only do I hope to reach the goal, but I also hope to increase crucial awareness for the charity and provide possibilities to designers, artisans, musicians, and the general public that participate.”


“No one knows when it will happen to them or their families in the future, so who will be there to aid when the time comes if these charities do not exist?”


“These organizations are assisting anyone who needs assistance right now”, she added.


Suzy Bambose, Miss Manchester 2019/20 and Top Model Finalist 2021, is the event’s main host.


On June 26th, 2022 at 7 pm BST, the After-Party theme Dance Around the World for People will be live online, sponsored by DJ Infinity.


A dancing TikTok competition with prizes will also be held.


Mrs. Theophilou said, “I really hope that after this, the world can discuss the atrocities of war, forced expulsion from one’s home and family, and truly begin a movement”.


“Although there are peace days, I believe that focusing on having a peaceful world on one day would be more effective”.


“I was also astounded by colorism’s discrimination and how it may be a factor in refusing to aid individuals in need”.


“Discrimination based on skin color or place of origin should no longer exist, and if you need to run, this should not be a barrier”.


“I also want to see the closure of refugee camps and the establishment of proper refugee housing”, she added.



To watch the event, visit here:


For further information:

To donate:


(Image: SOFOU)

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