“Snowdrop” Premieres on Disney+ in Two Days

The most anticipated BLACKPINK’s Jisoo drama premieres in two days!

After one month of its announcement, Snowdrop will air on December 18th on JTBC and Disney Plus for audiences across Asia. Starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jung Hae In, Snowdrop is the most anticipated k-drama for this holiday because this drama will debut Jisoo’s acting career.

Set in 1987, Snowdrop depicts a democratic movement towards the authoritarian government in Seoul. One of the movement participants, Im So Hoo, a graduate student, was injured by Eun Young Ro, a female university student. Young Ro helps So Hoo treat his wound and tries to hide him from his attacker in her university dorm. Once their relationship develops romantically, it becomes a forbidden love story because the secret within So Hoo could be dangerous for both.

Snowdrop will bring you into a rollercoaster of emotions with a political upheaval background. A love story where the couple is not supposed to be together, and a slight twist about the secret that So Hoo keeps. Why So Hoo got attacked must be the first question you ask and leave you curious. And the next question is how Young Ro and So Hoo will overcome this obstacle?

Written by Yoo Hyun Mi, Snowdrop divides into 16 episodes. This upcoming drama will be aired on JTBC and Disney Plus every Sunday and Saturday at 22.30. As Jisoo’s debut drama, Blinks must be expecting Jisoo’s acting together with famous actor Jung Hae In as her partner. This will be the sweetest forbidden love ever in k-drama this winter.

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