“Snowdrop” Accused for Historical Distortion

Once again, Snowdrop’s controversy comes back to the surface on its premiere. 

After its premiere on December 18th and 19th, Snowdrop was sued by Korean society due to suspicions of historical distortion. Despite being the most anticipated drama this winter which features BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jung Hae In, a controversy went off last March. Back then, JTBC denied the accusation with two statements

According to Soompi, they stated that Snowdrop is only fiction. It doesn’t mean to disparage the actual event of the pro-democracy movement or glamorize the spy of NSP (National Security Planning). Snowdrop is a black comedy-drama that only satirizes the situation of the presidential elections in the 1980s.

Since the drama had not aired at that time, the controversy went out after the statements of JTBC. But, when people finally watch the drama, the controversy grows bigger, and people start to create a petition. Quoted from Soompi, as of December 21st, the national Blue House petition has exceeded the minimum of 200,000 signatures required for a response from the government. The petition now has more than 300,000 signatures.

In the petition, they asked Snowdrop to stop airing. Snowdrop was accused of glamorizing the NSP’s spies. In fact, some activists were tortured and killed during the democratization movement because they were falsely accused of being spies without any evidence.

In responding to the accusation, JTBC affirmed that Snowdrop is fiction, and every speculation about historical distortion is false. The production asked the audiences to remain low and look forward to the next episode of Snowdrop to see that there is no such historical distortion or disparaging the democratization movement.

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