Snow squall hit utah Monday morning

Monday, 27/12/21 a bad snow squall hit northern Utah. The first snow from the storm saw at about 3:30 p.m. At 4 p.m the storm moved to South. During this time the Logan and Cache Valley area were covered by snow. Snow Squall Warning also announcement for parts of Davis and Weber countries by National Weather Service out of Salt Lake City. This warning was in effect until 5:45 p.m. Snow squall is very dangerous, because can hinder our vision.

What is snow squall

Based on NWS snow squall is an intense short-lived burst of heavy snowfall. This nature phenomena could leads to a quick reduction in visibilities and is often accompanied by gusty winds. Those is very dangerous condition during driving. The less visibility and slick condition on road can lead to injuries and fatalities. Beside that snow squall also impact economy aspec as interstate can be shut down for hours.

What should we do during snow squall

The NWS give some advice during snow squall attack
  1. Keep check the latest forecast if you want to travel. If there is a snow squall warning, avoiding or delaying travel until the snow squall passes your location.
  2. Albeit if you must keep going although there is a warning, you must give extra time until we have a clear road conditions and decent visibilities.
  3. If you already in the road, immediately reduce your speed and turn on headlights. During the snow squall your visibilities can change to near zero and it very dangerous so you must very careful.
  4. If you want to reduce your speed during this condition, please keep in mind to not slam on brakes. Snow squall can make roads more slick, so if you suddenly slam on brakes that can make you loss of vehicle control and also increase the risk of a chain reaction crash.

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