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Snacks to Have With Tea

Enjoying a cup of tea is truly a calming thing to do. What’s more enjoyable is having a few snacks at the side to fill your bellies. You can also enjoy tea time at tea parties. Furthermore, these social occasions connect people together and are full of great talk and laughter. Obviously, you’ll have to charm them in with delectable food.

Battenberg Cakes

Battenberg Cakes. (source : Pinterest).

Battenberg cakes are dual marble cakes with gorgeous colours and patterns created by the exact food colouring. This cake, on the other hand, is much more than just a beauty. This pastry has a distinct flavour because of the exquisite icing and apricot jam that keep the pieces together.
Crinkle Top Brownie Bites

Crinkle Top Brownie Bites. (source : Pinterest).

Crinkle-top brownie bites are gooey and fudgy inside and just lightly crisp of the exterior, making it an excellent balance. If you read into it, it’s essentially a collection of corner brownie chunks that we all love. Chocolate can never be too much, so these small bites of delectable chocolate brownies are topped with a few chocolate chips for the finishing touch.

Soft Honey Cookies

Soft Honey Cookies. (source : Pinterest).

Soft Honey Cookies are crumbly honey gingerbread spiced cookies that may be eaten right after baking, without waiting for the cookies to soften. It’s crucial not to over-spice these biscuits, which are similar to gingerbread cookies. Honey should be the dominant flavour, with spices supporting rather than overpowering it.

Blueberry Lemon Cake

Blueberry Lemon Cake. (source : Pinterest).

Delightful blueberry and lemon buttercream fill this rich, simple cake. This cake is fluffy and fresh, with just the right amount of punch from lemon zest and juice.

English Shortbread

English Shortbread. (source : Pinterest).

Shortbread is a delicate snack that goes along so well with a cup of tea. Shortbread is the most fundamental and straightforward biscuit there is. It is, nevertheless, absolutely excellent. As a result, shortbread has been a staple in the United Kingdom for hundreds of years.

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