Smallpox Vaccine Effective Against Monkeypox


2022 has seen the rise of the new monkeypox disease, with thousands catching it across the globe and many fearing another epidemic or even a pandemic so soon after Covid-19.


It is understandable that people dread this illness but a breakthrough has emerged in the form of an already existing vaccine. Health officials have announced that the smallpox vaccine can provide protection against monkeypox after extensive research by scientists.


There are monkeypox-specific vaccines in development but only one has been approved for consumption by the World Health Organisation and the rest may not be in use for a small time to come.


The new vaccines could also face a negative reaction considering the distrust that some felt towards the Covid vaccines. For those individuals, a tried and tested vaccine may be something they can trust and they could be more willing to get it if they were vulnerable or working on the front lines against the disease.


The news also means that scientists working on one of the new vaccines can look at the components of the smallpox one and learn from it to make theirs even more effective. Countries have started to stockpile both smallpox and monkeypox vaccines in preparation for a wider outbreak.


Hopefully, the news of an effective existing vaccine will mean that monkeypox won’t spread as fast as Covid did and means more people will be immune to it once they’ve had their shot.

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