Slava Samoilenko Variegates Everyday Things With “IN”


Kaleidoscopic, quirky, and cool, this photographer’s style is unlike most. After all, how many photographers can you think of who take pictures of cereal? That is exactly what Samoilenko does.


Photographer Slava Samoilenko set up a photoshoot with makeup artist Svitlana Masik to portray “IN;” an intriguing and sensual photography collection that presents common objects in a whole new light. Both Samoilenko and Masik use their skills to make it seem as if the model is being absorbed by different objects to convey the meaning of IN(side). Masik created looks for each subject with colors and textures that resembled the objects that they contained.


The photographer then captured the models in their fascinating settings using long exposure, leaving the viewer to believe the model is contained within the surroundings. The images are of ordinary items like pill sheets, cereal, gummy eggs, and even rubber ducks, but their unique presentation makes them look like incredibly exquisite pieces.


The beauty of this series unveils the power of close-ups and textures. These sensuous and voluptuous images invite us to look closely at our everyday items and recognize each detail within. Perhaps it is more than just cereal we consume every morning, and perhaps there is more to those rubber ducks.


The creative interpretation of “ordinary things” links them with individuality and authenticity, and it takes a lot of subtlety to bring out such a degree of detail. Check out the images below if you don’t believe us!


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