Skinimalism is Taking Over the Beauty Trend


The minimalist lifestyle has been gaining popularity lately. Living as a minimalist means determining what we need in life, the one that gives us value, and removing everything that is not needed or excessive. It is not an instant process, but it is an ongoing process that takes time. You can start your minimalist living by determining your purpose in your life and the things that matter to you.


Not only in everyday life but a minimalist lifestyle can also be applied in our daily routines, such as our skincare and makeup routine. This new trend called skinimalism has been taking over the beauty trend all over the world.


With the buzzword, “Less is more,” Skinimalism is all about minimalism and sustainability in our makeup and skincare routine. Instead of using a 10-steps-skincare routine, skinimalism focused on using fewer products but enhancing the result.


Most of the time, we tend to use layers of skincare to achieve a clear, glass-like, healthy skin but sometimes it does not end up just like how we wanted it to be. Layering tons of skincare without knowing exactly what it is for could be a boomerang. Skincare consists of active ingredients that could interact with other ingredients from other products. Instead of getting a good result, layering skincare could become a nightmare that makes our skin irritated, breakout, or other more severe skin problems.



Skinimalism can be started by determining our skincare goal. It can be anti-aging, brightening, repairing the skin barriers, or fixing skin texture, depending on your skin condition. After that, you can start choosing the most suitable active ingredients based on your goal.


For example, if you want to focus on fixing skin texture, you can choose active ingredients that can help you with exfoliating such as AHA, BHA, and PHA.


Active ingredients for certain skin problem (picture credit to Picky Skincare Blog)


The next step is determining the product that you should use. Here is the list of basic skincare product that is fundamental for skin health.


Picture credit: Jasmine Talks Beauty


Less is more. By using fewer products, skinimalism is expected to give more advantages to the skin and also save more money because we don’t need to buy excessive skincare products. Just stick to the basics, and that’s it.

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