Situationships: When You Want To Commit But Not Really

The situation on Situationships

In this day and age where everyone has started to become more understanding and open; everyone has a label for everything. However in an age where people are very open to labeling themselves; there’s one aspect in life—I’ve noticed where people avoid labels as much as possible, Dating. There’s a dating phenomenon which is happening more often that I still don’t quite understand, and that’s situantionships. Situationships are when you go on dates, talk everyday, have a romantic and even sexual relationship with someone; but without labels.

I could never really quite understand being in a situationship with someone; because it seems as though it’s all about semantics. You’re doing things as a couple would; such as grab dinner regularly or go on dates or even be exclusively seeing one another. But you wouldn’t want to claim them to be your partner; because he/she or they may not want to put labels on things.

When it comes down to it. is it really all that different from normal dating relationship?

But why does this happen and why are people so willing to put up with something like that? Of course there are a variety of factors that may come into play. Some people may still need time to deliberate the relationship or take things slow because of their past. Understandable that if people wants to give their partners the time and space that they needed.

However, sometimes it could also be the matter of ego to keep their single persona and lifestyle; while also enjoying the comforts and support of having a partner. Some people may not want to put labels; because there may be expectations that would be set when you’re somebody’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Being committed to someone means being there for the good, bad and the ugly. Whereas not putting labels on your relationship with someone completely expels all the added expectations. People can just be there only for the good times and you can’t ask them for more because you’re not their partner (officially).

All in all, take all the time you need to find the right partner for you. However, don’t manipulate someone into staying with you just because you like the attention, but don’t like them enough to establish the relationship. If you are both able to communicate clearly and establish realistic expectations, labels are just another word to describe you and your partner. If you’re already doing everything a couple does, why not be clear with your intentions instead of keeping the both of you in confusing relationship purgatory.

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